We Analyze. We Develop. We Deliver.

We analyze our clients' needs. We develop personal and powerful products. We make them shine and get them delivered nice and bright. Our Ukraine based team specializes in design craftsmanship and innovative IT solutions that bring real value to customers and brands.

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Web Development

We know how to code your ideas be it a simple project or a challenging web app using Ruby (Rails, Sinatra, Hanami) as our leading backend language. Our commited dev team has extensive experience in various client-side frameworks like AngularJS and ReactJS on top of the latest features of HTML5 and CSS3.

Mobile Development

We create effective and fresh IT solutions for mobile world. We use Java for Android and Objective C for iOS. HTML5 is also a powerful tool for us.

Test Automation and Quality Assurance

Our quality control engineers know how to make sure your project is built the way it ment to be. Automated testing is the ultimate winner here. To achieve the best results we use a lot of test-related tools like Rspec, Cucumber, Capybara, Selenium, Calabash (for mobile automation), etc.

UI Design

Apple proved to the world that design matters. We prove to our customers that it can be powerful, sophisticated yet practical.

High Load Apps

High Load Apps. High Performance Apps. Horizontal Scalability. Fault Tolerance. All in challenging deployment cycle conditions. Our team can make it happen.

Business Analysis

Poor strategy costs you money. And we despise word "poor" in our work. With deep understanding of product development lifecycle and your business goals we can turn your concept into a product which is unique, flexible and substantial (and still be efficient and understanding).

Everything is possible!

Got ambitious and challenging IT idea? We can bring any project to life.   With deep skill set and holistic aproach our team is always ready to push the code to the limit.

Complexity Can be beautiful

We strive to find balance between code complexity and that user-friendly experience your customers will love.

Perfection Can be possible

Commited team of Alpha Geeks and thoughtful business analysis can really create a lasting product.   We know how to build smart architecture, deliver new features fast and keep up the speed.
Technologies & Methodologies

Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails is a great bold tool for web developers. It focuses on app development instead of solving configuration problems or choosing between hundreds of options. Powerful web apps that might have taken weeks or months to develop can be brought to life in a few days with Rails.

JavaScript / HTML5 / CSS3

Modern web development requires professional Clientside experts to build user-friendly and responsive applications. We use the latest features of HTML5, CSS3 and modern JS frameworks to create really beautiful apps. We have extensive experience with AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, PureCSS, JQuery, CoffeScript and TypeScript.


Efficient workflow requires automation. It allows us to focus on new features. Rather than solving a problem twice our team can keep the things under control using existing automation tools or creating new ones when needed.


We mastered usage of popular SQL databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL, and NoSQL solutions like MongoDB as well. We can use their advanced features like replication and sharing to deal with high-load. Also we use simple data-storages like Redis and Memcached to bring the best performance whenever it's needed.

Cloud Services / Integrations

We have experience with lots of cloud services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Heroku, Digital Ocean. Lots of PaymentSystems like Paypal, Stripe and others. We can easily intergrate with common social networks and services like Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.

Agile Methodologies

We fall in love with Agile. Its philosophy and methodologies are programmed for delivering features faster, getting feedback faster and improving software quality at early development stages.

Scrum / Canban

As iterative Agile software development framework Scrum allows our team to be flexible, self-organized and transparent.


We use full potential of Test Driven Development. It is all about designing testable architecture and not just writing tests. It is about being open to changes and achieving the best efficiency possible.

Continuos Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) is an excellent software engineering technique. It helps developers deliver better software in more reliable and predictable manner.


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